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Month: November 2021

Air Conditioning Repair Keller Tx - AC Repair Costs

AC Repair Costs in 2021 – Cost by Type of Unit

Air conditioning units are essential parts of your home. That is thanks in large part to the need to make our homes feel as comfortable as possible throughout the year. We don’t want ourselves and our loved ones to feel uncomfortable even for a short period of time. As a resident of Texas, you only know this need and desire only too well.

Air Conditioning Repair Keller Tx - AC Repair Costs

So, you basically need your AC unit to be in great working condition throughout most of the year. But we all know that’s not always possible. There are times when it’s going to break down at the most unfortunate and unpredictable moments. That’s what makes AC repair and a good AC repair company like Air Conditioning Repair Keller Tx just as important as having a good working unit.

Knowing just how important AC repair is will lead you to think about its present cost. Just how much does it cost to get your unit repaired today? What are the various factors that affect the prices? Getting the answers to those questions is quite important for a homeowner who wants to be sure that the cost of repair is going to fit in their budget.

Below we’ll take a look at the average AC repair costs in 2021, although we’ll mostly look at the cost of repair by type of unit. Keep in mind that there are several types of AC units, there isn’t just one type. That needs to be taken into consideration when checking out AC repair costs.

Window AC Repair Cost

One of the most common issues for this type of system is compressor malfunction. That would lead to repair costs that range between $50 and $125. Aside from that, another common issue is thermostat failure and this problem usually costs from $55 to $85 to be repaired. Window AC units are mounted outside the window and are relatively inexpensive.

Portable AC Repair Cost

With portable AC units, the usual issue is a clogged drain. Repairing this would cost between $80 and $250. This type of AC unit is typically mounted on the wall. But since it’s portable, it can be moved from one room to another. This unit is also considered to be low-cost.

Central Air Repair Cost

There are several potential issues with central air units. Those include clogged drain lines, which would cost you about $100 to $200 to get repaired. Another one is refrigerant leaks, which costs between $200 and $500 for repairs. One more potential issue is thermostat replacement, which is from $150 to $500.

Geothermal AC Repair Cost

Geothermal AC units are designed to keep rooms cool during hot weather by working with subterranean temperatures. Their designs are simple, using an electronically powered heat pump in order to transfer from the outdoors into homes. The cost of repairing this type of unit is between $200 and $700.

Swamp Cooler

Next on our shortlist of AC repair costs in 2021 is the swamp cooler unit. One of the reasons why this unit would need repair is to replace belts and that costs between $155 and $195. The other one is to replace the pump, costing from $200 to $275. This is also a fairly simple unit that’s not intended for use in hot and humid areas.

AC Repair Argyle Tx

Tips on getting the Best Air Conditioning Installation Company

Humidity and temperature are the two things that need to be closely synchronized inside your home, as these factors significantly affect you, and your family’s health conditions. Commercial and residential properties are at great risk if the temperature and humidity are not monitored or controlled as this could result in serious health problems. This is why HVAC systems are installed these days in all the residences and commercial buildings in Texas. This unit regulates the temperature indoors and offers you high efficiency and system control to balance the temperature. 

The three functions of HVAC including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning offer temperature comfort and exceptional indoor air quality. For better efficiency and functioning, it is essential to install the units under the administration of professional Air Conditioning Installation service providers. If you are looking for a reliable installation expert for your HVAC installation job, then simply use these below-mentioned helpful tips from AC Repair Argyle to easily find one.


Ask your neighbors, friends, and co-workers for some pointers when hiring the HVAC Installation Service. They might have worked with particularly skilled professionals earlier who completed the installation job best for them. You can approach the local trade organizations for HVAC experts in your area.

Ask for a Home Visit

As soon as you find an experienced HVAC installation professional, call them for further consultations on the installation service process and whether the task will be done on time, and if it’s inside your budget or not. If you are not contented with a telephone discussion, then request them to pay a visit to your home to discuss things personally.

Expect a Home Assessment

The professional HVAC Installation Service providers commonly offer a detailed assessment of your current HVAC unit and then estimate your requirements. This will help them to know the precise size of the heating and cooling system suitable on the size of space that needs cooling or heating, they will as well check the level of insulation and the count of windows.

Check for Energy Star

A professional HVAC installation company always explains the advantages of availing the Energy Star qualified HVAC units. They will vouch for you some brands that strictly abide by the efficiency guidelines placed by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The professionals will install the units efficiently to increase their lifespan and total performance with less energy consumption.

Get Everything in Written

You must not just trust the estimate given to you over the phone. You should ask the Air Conditioning Installation Company to provide you with a printed or written estimation. When visiting your home, they should conduct a detailed survey to calculate your requirements and provide you with the estimation in a written proposal. The written proposal will include everything from installation procedure to estimation and cost to deadline and more. This will give you a complete image of the installation process and protect you from paying any extra, non-compliance to project schedule and even warranty information.

The above-mentioned tips are helpful in getting the best and professional air conditioning company. Call Argyle AC Repair & Heating Solutions LLC for all your HVAC needs we will be happy to serve you.

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